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Candace Feldman

Independent Team
Beachbody Coach


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Beach BodyI'm astonished at how far I've come since starting my health & fitness journey. I was diagnosed with severe cervical spinal stenosis and 4 bulged cervical discs. I was in pain everyday and my arms would go numb daily. I gained 40 lbs due do stress. I was avoiding exercise because I didn't want to make things worse.



I had gone to so many doctors that all wanted to do spinal surgery, which really scared me. One doctor said "You're overweight and the fat is pressing on your spine. You need to lose weight and get strong and fit." He told me for every 10 lbs I lose, I will be losing a 100 lbs of pressure off my spine.



My friend was visiting me and she had lost 50 lbs on a health and fitness program. Seeing her amazing results, how could I not try? I have tried everything else and had nothing to lose except 40 lbs. The program consists of replacing one meal a day with a 100% natural superfood protein shake, 30-60 minutes a day at home workouts, nutrition plan and a private online support group available to you at any time. The support gave me motivation and kept me accountable, which was the key to my success. All I can say is, I got hooked on this program. This has been a lifestyle change for me, not a diet or a quick fix. I'm now 40 lbs lighter, 29 inches smaller and 400 lbs of pressure off my spine. That's crazy! My arms rarely go numb and I'm no longer in pain. I have so much strength and stamina I even run marathons.
The best part is I no longer need surgery.



This program has been my greatest gift and I want to share it with all of you. This is my story but it's nowhere near over! My lifestyle change is a lifelong journey and I'm passionate about sharing this amazing health and fitness program with others who want to transform themselves body, mind and spirit.



Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 310-279-7899. I would be more than happy to explain how it works. Let's do this together!



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